Friday, April 15, 2011

Reading .NET JSON Date's in jQuery

ASP.Net writes out date objects to a JSON stream in the format { "\/Date(x)\/" } but jQuery will not automatically convert this to a JavaScript date but rather keeps it as a string. To fix that this simple converter script can be included in your global JavaScript header.

Note that this does requite jQuery 1.5+.

    // Add a custom converter to convert ASP.NET JSON dates to JS Date object
    // That is convert { "\/Date(...)\/" } to { new Date(...) }
    converters: {
        "text json": function( textValue ) {
            return jQuery.parseJSON(textValue.replace(/"\\\/Date\((-?\d*)\)\\\/"/g, "new Date($1)"));

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adding Better Ajax/JSON methods to HighCharts

I recently started using Highcharts as the charting options in Crystal Reports are rather limited. Here is a small patch I made to simplify the loading of chart data from JSON server calls via AJAX. This does not do anything incredibly unique, just simplifies the code to do so by adding an ajaxSource property to the chart and series configurations that is loaded on init and a reloadAjax method to automatically reload the data.

05/03/2011 - Rewrote the code as a extension instead of a patch and added support for setting multiple series via options.chart.ajaxSource.