Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Enable Drag and Drop on Content and Media trees in Umbraco

For Umbraco 7 go here.

Updated 6/12/2013: 
  • Updated nestedSortable.js with a working version.
  • Added allowed child types validation on move (and root level validation in Umbraco 6.0+).
  • Updated error message and notification popup code.
  • All of the code has been updated to please replace your local files/customizations with the new code.
Updated 6/17/2013:
  • Added better isAllowed detection.  Nodes will now move back if not allowed at a location.

This is a Javascript level Drag and Drop add-on for Umbraco.  It will allow you to sort and move content and media items abound and into or out of the trash.  Further more it will update the sorting of items and urls of documents are they are moved.

Unfortunately the changes require updating two core umbraco files so I can't make them into a package.  Just follow these simple instructions and you to can have drag and drop nodes.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Automatically deploying all Embedded Resources when a Document is deployed with Umbraco Courier.

We use Umbraco and the Courier package to deploy changes from a staging instance to a production instance.  The workflow our editors use is as follows.
  1. Update a document with new changes including embedded images or links to PDF/other files.
  2. Deploy the document only, no recursion/dependancies.
The problem here is our workflow was taking advantage of a Courier bug which has seance been fixed.  Namely that deploying a document without dependencies won't deploy the embedded images/linked files with it.  The editor would need to to go deploy all the linked resources manually first which can be quite impractical, and not logical with the workflow.