Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Javascript function to decode HTML escape sequences.

I found a few samples that will decode the escape sequences in the following html string but none quite took my fancy.  (Not to be confused with unescape witch will decode URL escape sequences.)

Here is the version I wrote:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Using LINQ to SQL for clean and quick Database Access/Interactions.

Update: October 26, 2016 - I would now recomend using this replacement guide using the built in PetaPoco instead of this method as it is much cleaner and requires significantly less DBA code and produced much smaller binaries.  There are also T4 Templates that will generate models form your database so you can design in code and generate database constructs automatically, or create tables and then auto-generate code form those, whichever way you prefer.  I still use the Columns features below for when creating forms.

This post is a demonstration/instructions for very easily and cleanly working with SQL data in a .NET application using LINQ to SQL.  There are lots of resources out there about this technology but my goal here is to present a very clean and thin interface to utilizing LING to SQL.  Read on for explanations and samples.