Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mass rename files in Midnight Commander

Here is another script for Midnight Commander to allow for mass renaming of flagged files. To use it you will need to add it to your MC menu file in /etc/mc/ or ~/.mc/menu.

+ t t
e       Rename tagged files
        set %t; CMD=%{Enter regex}
        while [ -n "$1" ]; do
          echo rename -\"s"$CMD"e\" "$1"
          rename -\"s"$CMD"e\" "$1"

first you will need to flag the files toy want to rename then execute the user operation. When you do so you will be prompted for the regular expression you with to execute.

Some examples:
 /oldword/newword/   # Change a word.
 /_/ /g   # Replace all _'s with spaces.
 /_\[.*\]//   # Remove _[CRCHASH] tags.
 /\(.*\)//   # Remove (...) sections.

Comapring files with md5 Checksums in Midnight Commander

I wrote a few scripts for Midnight Commander to easily compare multiple copies of a directory via checksums.  There are a few variations listed below along with a bash script that does the same thing.

First off is this simple bash script that can be used stand alone but is also required for the MC menu entries. 

echo -n "Comparing $1 to $2: "
if [ ! -e "$1" ] || [ ! -e "$2" ]
 echo File Missing
 exit 1; 

if [ $(md5 -q "$1") = $(md5 -q "$2") ]
 echo Files Match
 exit 0;
 echo Files Different
 exit 1;

You may need to tweak the bash and script paths for your installation. Also remember to make it executable.

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/md5compare

To execute this command directly just run the following.

md5compare file1 file2

Next up are two comparison scripts that can be added MC's user menu.  To do this append them to the file in your system /etc or users ~/.mc/menu.

This script will compare the currently highlighted file with one of the same name in the other panel.

+ t n
w       Compare files via MD5 checksum
        /usr/local/bin/md5compare %f %D/%f
        echo Press any key to continue
        read key

This script on the other hand will compare all tagged files to any matching files in the other panel.

+ t t
W       Compare tagged files via MD5 checksum
        for i in %t
          /usr/local/bin/md5compare "$i" %D/"$i"
        echo Press any key to continue
        read key

Finally here is a menu item to simply dispaly the checksum of the selected file.

+ t n
s       Calculate MD5 checksum
        echo Calculating checksum of %f
        md5 -q %f
        echo Press any key to continue
        read key