Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mass rename files in Midnight Commander

Here is another script for Midnight Commander to allow for mass renaming of flagged files. To use it you will need to add it to your MC menu file in /etc/mc/ or ~/.mc/menu.

+ t t
e       Rename tagged files
        set %t; CMD=%{Enter regex}
        while [ -n "$1" ]; do
          echo rename -\"s"$CMD"e\" "$1"
          rename -\"s"$CMD"e\" "$1"

first you will need to flag the files toy want to rename then execute the user operation. When you do so you will be prompted for the regular expression you with to execute.

Some examples:
 /oldword/newword/   # Change a word.
 /_/ /g   # Replace all _'s with spaces.
 /_\[.*\]//   # Remove _[CRCHASH] tags.
 /\(.*\)//   # Remove (...) sections.

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