Friday, December 4, 2015

Bookmarklet to Post to Slack from your Bookmarks Bar

I use Slack, and one think we love to do is share new articles and discuss them.  But the good old copy and past the link was annoying me, so I created a Bookmarklet that will share your current page to a selected channel.

Just go to the following page and follow the instructions to build your own widget.

For peace of mind a brief overview of how this works:  This bookmarklet is purely javascript and no data is posted to any other servers besides Slack's Webhook to receive the post.  The tool linked above is purely a javascript tool to build and customize the widget.  It will ask for your Webhook URL but it does not post or track anything and simply embedded that URL in the widget it present to you.  The fact that it "remembers" your settings is simply done by updating the URL with a search hash which also isn't sent to the server.

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