Monday, January 30, 2017

Easily post leads in Wordpress Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin to iContact

When using the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin for wordpress is is very very simply to seamlessly forward leads from any forms you wish to the iContact platform with very little configuration.

First off create any lists in iContact you might what and and forms you need as normal.  You could set up one list per form, have multiple forms feed to one list, or even have one form post to more then one list.  When doing this you will need to record the List Id for each list you wish to post to.  You can get this by going to the list view iContact and click on the list name to edit it.  Then check the page URL for the ListId number like so:

Next you will need to go into each form that you have created that you want to forward to iContact in your Wordpress site.  When looking at the form settings go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Silent Remote Sending Settings section.  Change the following settings there:
  • Silent Remote Sending: Enabled: Method POST
  • Silent Remote URL: http://YouWordpressDomain/icontact-post.php
  • Silent send fields to ignore
    • full_message
    • akismet
    • date_time
    • ip_address
    • name_to
    • email_to
    • subject
    • from_name
  • Silent send fields to rename
    • first_name=firstName
    • last_name=lastName
    • from_email=email
    • company=companyname
    • phone=phone
  • Silent send keys to add
    • list_id=ListId

Where ListId is the applicable id recorder for each form.  The ListId can even be a coma separated list of id's.

As a final step you will need to upload the following connector script to your sites root directory and edit it add your iContact authentication information such that the Silent Remote Url entered above is correctly points to it.  If you have any issues there is a test line in the file that can be uncommented to supply sample data.  Also note that you may need to add to or tweak the Silent send fields list if you have changed field names or added custom fields that you want to forward.

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