Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Google Chrome theme for Firefox

This is how my Firefox looks. Note that this isn't maximized or trimmed, there just isn't a title of menu bar. The menu is accessible via a drop down on the top right as well as window controls.

Here is a list of the addon's and tweaks I used to get this look:
  • Chromifox: This is the primary theme used.
  • Stylish: For minor CSS tweaks.
  • Autohide: This extension allows you to go into Zombie mode and hide the titlebar.
  • Compact Menu 2: This extension allows you to hide the main menu and add a toolbar icon instead.
  • FaviconizeTab: Lets you minimize tabs to just show their icon.
Extra settings:
  • When using Autohide you will need to open up about:config and set the setting extensions.autohide.zombieBorder to 0. This will remove the titlebar and border when you go into zombie mode. (Shift-F11)

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